What are the Hidden Torah Codes? Part II

by Professor Vendyl Jones

The Amazing Codes in the Torah provide a glimpse at the divine origin of the Torah.


The TORAH is the Book of Life

TORAH CODES excel by far the concept of the simple word "inspiration" of the Jewish Holy Writ. The scribal pens in the hands of Moses, the Prophets and other writers of the Jewish Bible are eclipsed by that invisible hand and finger of fire that etched the two hexagonal, sapphire stones on Mount Sinai through and through from all six sides. With all due respect and honor to them, the human authors of the Jewish Bible were mere clerk-like typesetters. Every letter of the script was authored by the Creator Himself. Even the regular and irregular space between each letter and word is an astute mechanical maneuver. The dynamics are not only a perfect letter-by-letter literary masterpiece, they are a mathematical quasar that reaches beyond abysmal obliviousness.

The TORAH CODES software, eliminates all the spaces between words and the entire Torah becomes one long word. The Sages have said: "That this One Word is the full unabridged Name of G-d." When a desired skip sequence is entered in the Torah Code program, it reshapes the one long Torah word, so that words become readable horizontally, vertically, diagonally or in reverse.

Each living soul of all time was created at the instant of creation. All mankind of all ages existed before they were born. We all exist after we die. All souls were in the Primal Adam Kadmon in whose image earthly Adam was created. We, the Sons of Adam, Benai Adam, all earthly souls, were in Adam. "Levi paid tithes to Melchizdeck in the loins of Abraham." When we die, the soul returns to G-d. The soul cannot return to where it has never been before birth. Therefore, our names are written twice in the Torah. The names given to us on earth, and the "New Name" written in the Torah.

The TORAH is the Book of Life. All of our names are written there! "A time to be born and a time to die" is written there for you and for me. Would you really like to know all that about yourself? When the earth is regenerated, and there is a New Heaven and a New Earth, the names of the wicked will be blotted out of the Book of Life.

We mortals, with our very narrow bands of perception and five senses, have stumbled around from our beginning with the concept that the universe was composed of four elements: air, water, fire and earth. We have gradually progressed, changing our concepts to the idea of a sluggish and slowly growing concept of the Periodical Chemical Chart developed originally by the alchemists. Yet, with the TORAH CODES, we are now on the brink of realizing that the Torah herself is only the hard copy of the living protoplasmic energy of the universe. The Creator, He Himself, is the creation and the creation is the Creator. By nature, even without Scriptural revelation, we know that you cannot have a creation without a Creator. (Some, however, choose to call it Cause and Effect.) Neither can there be a Creator without a creation. Until now, we creatures within creation can only comprehend the Creator through nature as a Deist, or through nature and the revelation of Scripture as a Theist. Even at that, only as much as we have mental capacity, our limited five senses, and moral honesty, are we able to comprehend them.

Encoded in the Torah is the true and full Periodical Chemical Chart based on the letter and numeric combination of the Hebrew alphabet. The Torah is that true and full Periodical Chemical Chart. The Torah is an astral-spherical or elongated hexagonal multi-dimensional matter-energy slot/class matrix. In this Torah matrix, each fixed scalar vector is a pi (p) over phi (j) dihexagonal equation accommodating both tangible creation and potential creation. To illustrate this "p" over "j" principle, take a fresh hen's egg that does not show a seam or hairline crack. Buckle your fingers together hand-to-hand. Place the egg in your hands end-to-end against the cup of your palms. Then try to crush the egg with direct pressure. If the egg breaks, you either have a weak egg or a very strong arm. The structure of an egg is "p" over "j"! Noah's Ark, the Great Pyramids in Egypt, the Ark of the Covenant, the elliptic path of the earth around the sun, and the sun's elliptic path around the galaxy once each 26,000 years, are on an elliptic orbit of "p" over "j." Since "A day with HaShem is as a thousand years, and a thousand years is as a day," (Psalms 90:4) the sun's "p" over "j" elliptic orbit is only 26 of his days. The Name of HaShem, YHVH has the numerical value of 26.

What Was the Torah Written On?

Many of the Jewish sages believe that the Torah was given on two star sapphire stones. The sapphire is a blue variety of the mineral corundum. Crystals of the mineral will mimic the structure of the molecule or combination of molecules that form it. As the corundum (Al2O3) molecules stack together, they form a six-sided (dihexagonal) prism crystal. The crystal has inherently weak planes perpendicular to the crystal's long axis (length). Breakage along these planes is called parting. As a gem cutter rounds and polishes the parted ends of these crystals. Some of them reflect a six pointed star, the points of which intersect in the center, and extend around the stone. Those that are blue are called Star Sapphires. A cross sectional view of the sapphire molecule forms an equilateral triangle. Two stacked together form the Star of David. Every snowflake that ever existed was also in the shape of a hexagon. National Geographic Magazine highlighted an article about lightning and showed that a cross-sectional view of a lightning bolt was in the shape of a Star of David. In a previous article on B'nai No'ach, it was pointed out that a cross-sectional view of a rainbow was also a Star of David.

The Hebrew word for sapphire is pronounced "Sapeer." The same word root is Sefer, "a book." A Sopar is a "scribe." "To count" is Sahpar. The word for "number" is mispar. The word "book" or Sefer of the Torah was written on two sapphire stones by the finger of G-d, from side to side, end to end, top to bottom and through and through the stone. The rabbis discuss the miracle that the letter samekh is the only letter in the Hebrew alphabet that could not support itself because it would have a case that was only held in place by a miracle. However, perhaps it was not necessary to cut out the samekh because the molecular structure of the sapphire stone could reflect the samekh uncut. The beginning of each Torah Parsha (section) is separated by three pehs. The end of each major, minor and middle narrative in the Torah portion is separated by one, two or three samekhs.

The very 4th word in the Torah indicates that is so. The Hebrew translation of Genesis 1:1 is, "In her head he created G-d , alelph-taf...." Who was "her"? Who was "he?" Was it "G-d" that was created? What is "aleph-taf?"

The opening verse of the Gospel of John is a passage from the Jewish Zohar, "Before the beginning was the Torah and the Torah was before the G-d was." The Greek "pros ton theon" does not mean "with the G-d", it means "before the G-d." It is not meta (meta ton qeon) which means "with the G-d."

Who Is G-d?

What child has not asked the question, "Who made G-d?" G-d is the Eternal One. He is not Everlasting! Eternal means from such a point onward forever. Everlasting means from everlasting to everlasting or from ever before that point till ever after, endlessness. Elohim, the Hebrew Name translated "God" is "The Creator." Creator and creation came into existence simultaneously. Before creation there was neither matter, energy, space nor time. G-d, as the Creator did not exist! Only "He," the Ineffable "One," whose "NAME" is "ONE," the Unspeakable, Unpronounceable "YHVH" existed. "He", YHVH, created the Creator and the creation simultaneously. "HaShem is One and his Name is One." In ultimate reality, all the universe is one. The Creator is not another ONE! The Everlasting ONE of infinity and incomprehensibility, who is not limited to matter, energy, space nor time, became matter-energy-space-time. Nothingness became all-things-ness.

Einstein peeped through and got a glimpse of this when he wrote: "Matter is energy at rest, energy is matter at work." Space is the measure of distance between matter and matter. Time is the measure of the energy of movement in the space relation of matter to matter. They are one as He is One. "G-d upholdeth all things (Neutrons in Greek) by the power of his Torah."

Who was the "her" in the first word of Genesis 1:1 B'RESHIT, "In HER head?" As our teacher, Rabbi Eliezer Ben-Yehuda put it, "In her head (of things), He created G-d...." Who was "she" that also existed before G-d existed? Certainly the Bible should answer that! David answers in Psalms 119:89. It reads, "From everlasting, O' YHVH, thy Word (Torah)she (Torah is in the feminine gender) has stood in heaven. Through generation and generation of your faithfulness 'she' has caused the earth to remain established and stand. They ( the heavens) are continually court-ordered on their circuits today because all they are your servants." Again, it says "Thy Torah, (she) O, YHVH, is from everlasting to everlasting, by thy Torah (she) you created the 'Olam,' universe." While Torah is in the feminine gender, YHVH is in the masculine gender. Elohim is in the masculine plural because this name means: ELO "He is over" and the HIYM means "all things." Yet, Aht means "you" in the feminine gender, while Ahtah is the masculine pronoun.

The 4th word in the Torah is Aleph-Taf. Why is this Hebrew word-letter combination never translated? The Aleph and the Taf, the two untranslatable letter-word construct, are the first and last letters of the Hebrew alphabet. In primitive times the alphabet was called Alef-Tav. In Greek it is the Alpha and the Omega. In English it is the A and Z. With the Aleph and the Taf and all the letters that occur between those combinations of letters, each have an absolute numeric agglomeration of values: this is Ha'Olam, the universe of matter, energy, space and time. In her head (of things) He (YHVH) created Elohim (G-d) Aleph-Taf (the letters-numbers of the Hebrew Alphabet). As Dr. Gerald Shroeder put it, "This was the Big Bang." The bowl of alphabet soup slung out of a "Black Hole" into the endless nowhere that splashed everything and everywhere into existence. In the Torah, all things consist and continue to exist because all things from the minute neutron of the atom to the magnitude of stars, their planets and the cosmos of galaxies are upheld by letters-numerics of the power of His Torah!

In his laboratory, through his electron microscope, the physicist observes the actions of electrons and protons within the atomic nuclei. In his observatory, though his radio telescope, the astronomer watches the actions of heavenly bodies orbiting around their solar systems. As the physicist and astronomer peer through their instruments, they observe parallel worlds--one from the nuclei of the atom, the other from the nebulas of the cosmos. From the minitude of the atoms to the magnitude of the galaxies, the Universe is One.

The TORAH CODES software programs are now only in their "MODEL-T FORD" stage of development. In reality, the application of the TORAH CODES as a computer utility came about by accident. The Professor who discovered them was a non-religious Jew. Reportedly, to the best we can ascertain, the discovery was made by Professor Yehuda Radi at the Heidelburg University. The irony is that he was trying to prove the Documentary Hypothesis and that there many many more authors of the Torah than "J", "E","P" and "D." He actually proved that the whole "kit and caboodle" that is, the entire Jewish Bible, has One Author--G-d. It has been said that the Bible was written by more than 40 men over a period of more than 1500 years. The whole sheBang is that Torah existed before "The Big Bang." Torah existed before creation or Creator existed. The naked Torah is imperceptible to man. The Torah had to costume herself down into the garb of mundane anthropomorphic human narratives. Otherwise, how could people begin to comprehend the raw material of the "Written Word without that garb of humanity?" "The Torah (word) became flesh and dwelt among us" in the human garb of Adam, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph. This is the genesis of the incarnation of the Torah! Sometimes those raw and even risque‚ stories, are only simple understandable theatrical dramas. Yet, to the perverse and wicked person, these masquerade garments of the Torah disguise and camouflage her to obscurity. To that perverse and wicked person, the Torah appears grossly offensive and repulsive, while the honest and just person is somehow drawn into a majestic magnetic sense to an awareness. One perceives that there is a certain something else farther, yonder, behind and further down under those simple human narratives in the "Old Good Book."

Behind those human narratives, one somehow senses their personal cry that: "This is me in that human Bible narrative" or "This story, person, verse or word is in me." Once that faith experience begins, the Torah begins to slowly strip herself of her masquerade garments and reveals her innermost beauty--to know G-d! Some little "I am" in me is brought into an intercourse with the greater "I Am that I Am" beyond me. She, the Torah, conceives me and begets me; I am re-born, from where I existed, before "I am" was born. Even before I arrived in the Hebrew Alphabet Soup Line of "me", "I was." Even before Adam was, "I am." All of us "were," all of us "are!" That is what it means to "be begotten by the Word," or the Torah!

We want to acknowledge Professor Yehuda T. Raddy, Haim Shore, Moshe A. Pollarubbek and Ducter Wickmann from whose publication "Zeitschfrift Fur Die Altestamentliche Wissenschaft," we use in some of our examples.