What are the Hidden Torah Codes? Part I

by Professor Vendyl Jones

The Amazing Codes in the Torah provide a glimpse at the divine origin of the Torah.


The Prophets and Jewish Sages, centuries ago, knew and wrote of these obscure Torah Codes. They, laboriously, unlocked some of the Torah Codes long before the advent of computers. I Chronicles 12:32 (33) reads: "...the children of Issachar, which were men of knowledge and understanding of (the value) the letters to tell the times to know what Israel ought to do."

In the writings of Flavius Josephus it describes the TORAH CODES--..the "Essenes" (at Qumran) as having the gift of Prophecy. They had knowledge to give numerical values to letters (gematria). Then they exchanged certain letters with other opposite letters (temurah). Then, by a secret process of mathematical aphorisms of the Prophets, they could not only predict the details of the fulfillment of a Sacred Writing, but could determine the exact time of the prophecy's fulfillment with astute accuracy. Rarely, if ever, did their predictions prove wrong

How Do the Torah Codes Work?

The computer age has made possible the mechanism of quickly unlocking these hidden TORAH CODES. Many modern names of people and events have been unlocked, such as, Rambam, the Holocaust, Hitler, Eichman, and many others. The dates in which people lived and died in the Jewish Calendar is astutely coded into the Hebrew Bible. The exact names of the 10 Nazi war criminals hanged at Nuremberg are encoded into the names of the 10 sons of Haman in the Book of Esther. The precise year of their hanging is found incripted in small uniquely styled letters in the names of Haman's dead sons hanged on the gallows with their father.

TORAH CODES work only in the Hebrew Language. They work only in the Jewish Bible. Each of the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet has a precise sound and an exact numerical value. This numerical value system is called Gematria. The first 11 letters read from right to left, as the language is written, have an assigned numerical value, and conversely, an opposite exchange letter and numerical value. This is determined by a line written below the first 11 letters beginning with the 12th letter and placing it under the 11th regressing from the left to the right, opposite as the language is written. This is called Temurah. As we do in English, when the first letter of each word in a sentence or title is used, skip all the letters after the first letter of each word to form an "acronym" as in UNESCO, thereby making another word. This is called Notarkon.

The TORAH CODES software works by supplying names or dates that may be hidden in the Hebrew Bible. The user then supplies the search range, which may be only a few verses, a book or the complete Hebrew Bible. Then, the user supplies the skip length for the search, which may be from 1 to 99,999. The skip length will allow the computer to look for the supplied word in a 1 to 1 ratio up to the 99,999th occurrence of those letters. For example, the program can be set to do an equidistant letter skip length by taking a skip of every 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 7th, 14th, 49th or so; up to the 99,999th letter. In each search, the operator has to supply the desired name or date, skip length, and search range.

For example, take the final taf' , in the word BereshiT, in Genesis 1:1 and then count 49 letters. The 50th letter is a vav u. Count again 49 letters and the 50th letter is resh r. Repeating a count of 49 letters and the 50th letter is hey v. This spells the word TORAH.

Using the same skip length of 50 and applied to the last taf , in Exodus 1:1, ShemoT. The search here also spells TORAH as above.

However, the same search method applied to Leviticus does not work because there is no taf , in the word V'yikrah trehu. Yet, when the same skip length of 50 is applied beginning with the letter 'yud' h, it comes out to YHVH, the name of HaShem! That search method did not work at all in the books of Numbers and Deuteronomy.

In Israel, computers have a selectable right-to-left or left-to right choice when writing in English or Hebrew. By accident, someone had left the computer on as we type English, from left to right. When the operator brought up the Torah Codes it began to run backward from the end of Deuteromony forward toward Genesis. Amazingly, the word TORAH was spelled in reverse from the end of Deuteromony and from the end of the book of Numbers.

Using a popular Torah Codes program, we tried setting the search to an unlimited and unrestricted random forward search from right to left only. It searched every possible skip from 1 to 99,999. The word Torah, in the first chapter of Genesis alone, is spelled 18 times searching from right to left and 12 times searching left to right. In the entire T'nach (Jewish Bible) the word Torah occurs 3,246 times right to left. In a reverse search, left to right, the word Torah appears 6,596 times. The word Torah only occurs 220 times in normal reading, Torah in total occurs 9,842 times in the so called Five Books of Moses.

As mentioned previously, the Torah Codes only work in the T'nach or Jewish Bible. It does not work in any other document tested, so far. Of course, it may work in the Koran and New Testament, but only where the Torah is quoted in those books. It would be interesting to try the TORAH CODES on other Jewish books, not just in the Jewish Bible; such as, the Books of Jubilees, Enoch, Jasher (Sefer Hayasher), Sefer Yetzirah and other older Hebrew documents found at Qumran and other places. They probably will not work but without investigation there is no justification to say yea or nay.

There is no evidence so convincing as the TORAH CODES, that the Jewish scriptures are the Rhetorical Oracle of G-D alone! The contents of the Torah and the T'nach (Jewish Bible) are of One Single Authorship. The TORAH CODES debunk the entire school of the so-called School of Higher Criticism. Hundreds of non-observant Jews have become Torah observant Jews because their study of the TORAH CODES. Many self-claimed atheists have become believers because of what they saw in the TORAH CODES. Many misguided, so-called Messianic Jews, have become observant Orthodox Jews because of the TORAH CODES. I know several people, who were non-Jews, who have converted to Judaism when they saw the normally unseen Truth of Torah revealed by the TORAH CODES.

The TORAH CODES are more than just an attractive novelty, they are captivating. They do not leave you with a feeling of "UGH"! Rather, they leave a feeling of "AHH!" Immersing yourself in the Torah Codes, the more you are filled with "AWE, WONDER, AMAZEMENT, ASTONISHMENT, OBEISANCE AND REVERENCE." Those who say "UGH" are only those who refuse to look or do not have sufficient knowledge of the Hebrew language to comprehend this unique concept.

The Documentary Theory

The Documentary Theory of the "J", "E", "P" and "D" claims that the Torah has a multiple authorship of legends that were handed down by oral tradition. They were supposedly collected slowly and evolved into an accumulation of written scraps of tradition. Finally, they were collected, edited and written down by Ezra or some other unknown scribe.

The TORAH CODES now relegate the evolutionary Documentary Theory of the "J", "E","P" and "D", et ceteras, to a mere mythical fiction. This theory was conjured-up by the highest form of pseudo-intelligent, arrogant, academic snobbery. It is a mutual self-admiration society of scoffership posing as scholarship. They are a guild of the incompetent, all talk and non-doers. They hide their unsuitable nakedness behind the fig leaves of their scholastic degrees in their Collegiate Gardens of Eden. They live by Degrees and die by degrees. They doctor and Doctorate themselves into a spiritual death. They admittedly call it the Terminal Degree. They overdose themselves on specialization of subjects of this phantomology. Tediously they issue papers and reports by themselves, for themselves, to themselves; to fund themselves in their phantom research for the "J", "E", "P" and "D", et cetera. This, of course, is essential to financially secure their swivel chairs of non-performance in a room where walls are plushley covered by an upholstery of inked sheepskins of non-credentiality. These "coats of Skins" (Genesis 3:21) are their security blanket cover-ups to perpetuate their own employment. This arrogant guild prides itself in being "politically correct." They attempt to validate their academic arrogance by declaring that all "credible scholars" accept the Documentary Theory. Through political intrigue, they garrison the gates of the faculty, shutting out or putting out any qualified professor, who refuses to accept this "me-too-ism credibility." Then, they have the chutzpah to talk about "academic freedom." Their objective of total objectivity is carried to the point of absolute subjectivity to objectivity itself. Their clarion call is for "academic freedom" in the name of "Liberalism." They think that everyone is obligated to accept their own speculative opinions. They give no one the "academic freedom" to express his or her own views that may be contrary to their own.

For example, the Synoptic Theory of the Gospels is the Documentary Hypothesis of the Torah applied to the "New Testament." They refer to it as the "Synoptic Problem," which is a self-perpetuating problem. Even after a century and a half, and many hundred millions of dollars expended, not a single solution has ever been found for the Synoptic Problem. Nor will they ever find a solution, as it would end their justification for perpetually raising those millions to finance their chairs. There are at least six different schools of the Synoptic Theory. Each of these Synoptic opinions is vastly different than the other. These cynics demand that one accept the Synoptic Theory. It does not matter which one of the six schools one accepts, as long as one accepts any of one of their hypothetical smorgasbords of critical opinion. No matter what one's credentials, performance and achievements might be, he is branded as non-credible if he does not say Shibboleth properly and dance while they harp.

This is not to say, or in any way to suggest, that all the academia is party to this snobbery mentality. There are many professors who are not a part of this syndrome. There are many persons who have PhDs. in their respective fields who are truly dedicated and are competent scholars. They are the producers and the shakers and movers in getting things accomplished. They are not threatened nor intimidated by other views or opinions. I have worked with some specialists for years before I was even aware that they had PhDs. They are unpretentious and real humans. It is paradoxical that many of those in the snob's club get their Degrees in Humanities and then graduate so oxymoronically inhuman and behave so inhumanely.

Hopefully they...The TORAH CODES... present the habeas corpus on the Documentary Theory of the "J", "E", "P" and "D", et cetera and their proponents. They are long overdue to be inhumed in the sepulchers of skeptics. Hopefully they, like so many self-declared atheists and agnostics will have the honesty and openness to look into the TORAH CODES and find immunity from their impunity.